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The Difference Between Small and Petite Swimsuits


Many things need to be clarified about what small sizes mean and how they differ from petite swimsuits. For starters, the fashion industry has no official standards for sizing. As a result, there needs to be more consistency between brands regarding numbers. For example, one brand might list a size six as equivalent to another brand’s size 8—or even 10.

The same goes for swimwear for petite sizes: sizing varies by brand and style—meaning that two pieces of clothing with the same number can still fit differently depending on the cut. So, what does all this mean? It means you should always try things on before buying them.

What is a Petite Swimsuit?

swimwear for petite sizes, also known as a short-length or shortie, is a one-piece suit designed to fit 5’4″ and under women. Petite swimsuits look similar to regular bathing suits because they have the same straps and back. However, they’re shorter than standard suits, so they cover less of your leg.

There are many reasons someone would want to wear petite swimsuits: some women aren’t comfortable wearing bikinis because they don’t like being exposed. Others might not have the time or resources needed to get fitted for different styles of bathing suits, while others may simply prefer the look of these types of suits.

How Do I Find the Right Petite Bathing Suit?

The first step in finding the right bathing suit is to check the size chart. Many designers offer petite-specific sizing, so look for it when shopping online. If you’re shopping in person, ask if your local store carries petite sizes and their policies on returns/exchanges.

Once you’ve found a style that could work for you! Because there are so many different types of bathing suits (tankini, one-piece swimsuit with shorts or skirt, high-waisted briefs), there will probably be multiple styles available in each brand’s line of petite sizes. You should always try these on before buying them—even if they’re all the same size.

Why Are Petite Sizes Important?

Petite sizes are essential because they can be challenging to find. If you’re shorter than average and have a smaller waist, bust and hip, then you may need to be able to fit into the same styles as your taller friends. As the name suggests, petite swimsuits are designed specifically with these measurements. 

What Are Some Petite Swimsuits?

If you’re looking for petite swimsuits, there are many options. But what should you be looking for when choosing a suit?

Here are some things to consider:

· Are you looking for a one-piece or a bikini?

· Are you more comfortable with something covering most of your chest and stomach, or would you rather have less fabric around those areas?

· Do you want something that has some padding in the bust area? If so, consider trying an underwire or padded top option if possible.

Learn what makes a petite swimsuit different from a regular-size suit.

If you are a petite woman, you know it can be hard to find fitting clothes. They are even harder to find! Petites aren’t just shorter—they’re also narrower through the shoulders and bust, smaller at the waist and hips and have smaller leg openings. Here’s what makes up a proper petite-size swimsuit:

· The body is shorter – usually about 4 inches shorter than in regular sizes

· The sleeves are shorter than in regular sizes (usually 4 inches)

· The bust is minor (usually 2 cup sizes less than average)


Petite sizes are designed for the shorter-statured woman with a body shape similar to that of a straight line. These suits are typically cut higher on the leg and shorter in length than regular bathing suits. They also tend to have wider straps and bust cups, which helps provide extra support for Petites.

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