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The Dangers of Driving a Car with a Defective Airbag

Driving your dream car through your favorite routes is a dream come true. But a single mistake or act of negligence can lead to a catastrophic road accident. It takes only a moment to shatter the fantasy and cause severe injuries that traumatize you for life. Used Car Dealerships in Bellefonte, PA make sure you get no defective part in any car.

Airbags can save lives, decrease the rate of fatal injuries and prevent the face from shattered pieces of glass. But what happens when this airbag is defective? It is impossible to say whether your car’s airbag is functioning or not. Only regular maintenance can help prevent airbag issues. And, if you ever suffer severe injuries because of airbag failures, you can always consult an experienced defective airbag attorney and file for compensation. 

The Purpose of Airbags in Cars

It is pathetic to imagine a car without an airbag. Every modern vehicle is equipped with an airbag that has automatic sensors attached. These sensors detect sudden motion and let the airbag inflate to create a cushion-like effect on the front seat. This cushioned airbag protects people sitting in the passenger and driver seats from severe injuries. 

Sometimes, if the airbags are not inflated properly, they may feel like hitting your face on the concrete, and sometimes, they will not inflate at all. That For instance, if you own a BMW 325i, it is essential to make sure that the BMW 325i emblem on the steering wheel is not blocking the airbag from deploying correctly. is where the problem lies; every car should have a properly-functioning airbag, or else it gets too risky during accidents. 

Types of Faults in Airbags

There are many types of faults discovered by drivers when trying to inflate their airbags. The defect can take many shapes or forms and risk your lives:

  • Failing to inflate fully.
  • The inflators are malfunctioning.
  • Failing to deploy the airbag.
  • The airbag was deployed but with excessive force. 
  • The deployment of airbags was very late.
  • Sudden deployment when there was no need at all.
  • The switches prove faulty. 

What Happens When Your Car Has a Defective Airbag?

Many things can happen when your car fails to inflate the airbag on time. The first thing you encounter is a face injury, and the sudden jerk may fracture your face and neck bones. Some other things that can happen are:

Deployed with Extreme Force

The sudden deployment of airbags on force feels similar to hitting your face on a hard surface, which is equally dangerous. Deployment on force can damage you more and fracture the nose, jaw bones, or worse, the spinal cord. 

Deployment When Not Necessary, Thus Causing Accident

Sometimes, defective airbags can get deployed during overspeeding, but they are not necessarily required during such times. The sudden deployment of airbags can result in major accidents. 

Delayed Deployment

In most defective airbag cases, the airbags do not deploy on time, thus, leaving the driver and the rear passenger severely injured. 

Types of Injuries You Can Suffer

The common types of injuries that one can suffer because of defective airbags are:

  • Broken bones.
  • Internal damage and organ failures.
  • Excessive bleeding and death.
  • Tearing of tissues.
  • Lacerations.
  • Injuries caused by seat belts. 


Your life is precious, and so are the lives of your loved ones. When encountering a minor or major car accident, it is a serious issue if the airbags do not inflate on time. This issue needs to be inspected by an expert, such as an experienced defective airbag attorney, who will help you claim compensation for your losses caused by the faulty airbags. 

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