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Stay Informed: Monitoring Your YouTube Subscribers Made Easy

The best way to view your YouTube subscribers

In order to see your YouTube subscribers, I will now share with you a process. For more knowledge and facts, read the full post.

The Desktop / Laptop mode and the YouTube Mobile Web Browser or the YouTube Studio login App are the two ways to view the subscriber. As a result, we shall observe both the process here.

Following is the Stepwise Procedure:

Before anything else, go to the YouTube Studio official website at https://studio.youtube.com.

You can go right to your YouTube’s Dashboard if you have already checked in with your Email ID.

The first login method is using your Google account if you are not already logged in. the moment your Google ID is created. You can instantly redirect to the dashboard of your channel.

Okay, so you can view more information about your channel when you log in to your Dashboard.

How can I view my YouTube subscribers?

There are two approaches (desktop and mobile).

1. Upon seeing the laptop or desktop

You can simply view it on the right side after logging into your dashboard.

What Is Shown in the Studio?

Current (Recent) Subscribers and Channel Analytics are both visible.

The Subscribers as well as other items like News, Creator Insider, and What’s new in Studio are shown.

2. Utilising a mobile device

You can enter https://studio.youtube.com/ on the mobile Chrome browser.

You will then be sent to the dashboard for your channel.

Additionally, there is a mobile technique.

Get the YouTube Studio App.

As far as I am aware, you have already logged into your Google and/or Gmail accounts.

Choose your Google Account, which has a YouTube channel, to continue. You must view the name of your channel, and you may view the subscribers. You may view the Watch time, Views, Likes, Top Videos, and Subscribers by selecting the analytics option located below that.

How to Check Who Has Subscribed to My YouTube Channel?

Yes, you can view a list of subscribers to your channel organised by name or by channel.

Once the YT Studio Login is already open, select the Dashboard. Channel Analytics, Recent Subscribers, News, and Creator must all be shown inside the tab.

Just select Recent Subscriber from the menu.

If they haven’t customised the channel, a little pop-up box will appear, allowing you to see who has subscribed to your channel along with their name.

You can view subscribers from the past 7, 28, 90, 365 days, and lifetime. You may also view the date on which the user subscribed to your channel.


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