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Make Your Home Secure With New Windows

There are a lot of reasons why you might need new windows. Maybe your old windows are drafty and don’t keep the heat in during the winter. Perhaps they let too much sunlight in during the summer, making your home hot and uncomfortable. Or maybe they aren’t as secure and dependable as you’d like them to be.

Your windows are essential to your home’s overall security system, so it’s crucial to invest in quality ones that will keep you and your family safe. Now, if you’re up for that needed window installation, here are some tips for ensuring your new windows offer the highest level of security possible.

#1 Choose the Right Glass

When you’re shopping for new windows, make sure to pay attention to the type of glass you are going to use. This is a crucial factor in achieving secured windows. 

  • Tempered glass is gaining popularity as it is far more challenging to break. 
  • Laminated glass can also offer a higher level of security since it is made up of two or more panes of glass with an inner layer of plastic that prevents the glass from shattering if broken. 

Also, keep an eye out for shatterproof and burglar-resistant glass types.

#2 Opt for Sturdy Frames

Search for the right window frame that would offer solid resistance to breakage. You can’t have secured windows with shaky foundations. 

  • PVC and aluminum frames are strong, durable, and don’t require a lot of maintenance. They’re also resistant to corrosion, so you won’t need to worry about replacing them for years.
  • Wooden frames can also offer a good level of security but require more care in order to prevent damage from wood-eating insects and moisture. Also, if selecting wooden frames, ensure they have an outer coating that makes them weatherproof. 

You can also consider putting window frames with multiple chambers to give extra protection from break-ins.

#3 Get the Proper Installation Done

Choosing a trusted company like Mighty Dog Roofing in your window replacement journey is highly important. Double-check that the company you hired is highly experienced in installing windows so that all seals and hardware are up to code. It’s also vital that the installer checks for any drafts or weak spots in the window so they can have it fixed ahead of time.

#4 Check for Security Features

The times have changed, and there are more advanced options to have secured windows. You can look for windows that come with some type of locking system. The best kind will depend on your home and what you need in terms of security. This could be anything from a keyed lock to a deadbolt. 

Additionally, consider window frames reinforced with steel as they are much more difficult to force open than regular wooden frames.

#5 Look for Caulking & Weatherstripping

Windows can have gaps and cracks around the frame that not only make your home less energy efficient but also adds vulnerability for break-ins. Look for weatherstripping that is durable enough to stop water from entering your home when it rains and caulking that will keep air from escaping through the cracks around the windows. Doing this will ensure no one can slip through them if they try to break in.

#6 Choose Window Placement Wisely

Where you situate your window can also help with your security. Consider installing them in areas away from trees, trellises, and other objects that could provide easy access to the upper levels of your home. Additionally, if you’re getting a window installed in an area with high traffic, try to get a window with reinforced glass or an electronic security system to protect your home further.

#7 Maintaining Secured Windows

Keeping your house safe doesn’t stop once the installation is done. There is still a need to keep your windows secure and in good condition. Make sure you inspect the locks regularly for any signs of wear or damage and repair them if necessary. If possible, try to upgrade to more substantial locks that would provide additional difficulty to break into. Also, ensure you cover your windows when you’re away from home or are not in use. Doing this will help reduce the chances of burglars seeing your belongings and possibly breaking in.

To Sum It Up

Having secured windows is imperative for the safety of your home, and it starts with choosing the right kind of window material that fits your needs. Partnered with proper installation, the correct post, and other safety precautions, you can rest assured that intruders won’t be able to break into your house easily! Stay safe, and keep your windows and locks in good condition.

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