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Interesting Facts about the Facelift Procedure

Aging tends to wipe off the appealing look of your youth and instead presents sagging skin, deep skin folds, and excess neck fat. Although turning back time and reversing the effects is impossible, some procedures can eliminate such noticeable flaws. Facelift Procedure includes a facelift, a cosmetic procedure that reduces the appearance of excess fat in your neck and sagging cheeks. You can stay up to ten years with the results of a single facelift. Here is a discussion if you are looking for facts about this procedure.

A Facelift Creates a Younger Appearance

Aging brings changes in the shape and looks of your face, so you appear older. Your skin tends to become looser and cannot snap back easily to its original shape because it has lost elasticity. Therefore, going for a facelift means addressing the sagging appearance of your cheeks, deep skin folds, excess neck fat, and excess skin at your lower jawline. The Facelift Procedure can smooth out the skin folds, reduce sagging skin, and create a smooth jawline, so your face looks younger. However, a facelift procedure cannot eliminate wrinkles, skin discoloration, creases, and sun damage.

You May Not Be Eligible for a Facelift

Your doctor may not recommend a facelift for different reasons. First, taking blood-thinning medications and supplements may make you an unfit candidate for this procedure. Such medications increase your risk of blood collecting under your skin and affect your blood clotting ability. Second, certain medical conditions that prevent blood clotting will eliminate you from the list of facelift procedures. Other medical conditions like diabetes can cause poor wound healing and heart complications. Lastly, if you undergo weight gain and loss repeatedly, it will affect your results.

There Are Risks to a Facelift Procedure

Like any other procedure, a facelift comes with its complications. You can manage most complications by practicing proper care, taking prescribed medications, and scheduling another surgery if necessary. You will develop scarring from the incision during treatment, and the scar is permanent. The incisions cannot cause raised scars, so you can easily hide them with your hairline. Secondly, you have a risk of blood collecting under your skin, causing swelling and pressure. You may need treatment to prevent damage to your other skin and tissues. Other risks may include nerve injury, a rare complication, hair loss, and skin loss.

Results Are Not Permanent But Are Durable

After your surgery, you will likely have to avoid the public for a while because you may still be in pain and need to take care of your incision wound. You will notice improved facial looks, so your face and neck appear more youthful. However, results will only be temporary as aging will catch up again. Generally, results can last up to ten years.

Cosmetic surgery includes several procedures, one being a facelift which is a surgical procedure to tighten your skin. During a facelift, your surgeon removes the excess skin and then drapes it with your new facial contours. Therefore, you look forward to tighter, smoother skin with a youthful appearance. However, it will not treat wrinkles, creases in your lip, and uneven skin tone. You can enjoy looking more youthful for another ten years with a facelift. Find out more about the procedure before you decide to have your treatment session.

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