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Factors That Cause Cellulite Development

Cellulite is a condition where lumps and dimples appear from under the skin. It occurs due to a combination of factors, including hormonal imbalances, lifestyle, and genetics. Matthew B Quan M.D. can develop a plan to eliminate cellulite from your skin. This article explores the causes and therapeutic strategies for restoring your skin’s appearance.

What causes cellulite?

Cellulite occurs from a combination of factors like genetics and hereditary. It is crucial to establish the precise causes of the condition when developing a treatment plan.

Anomalies in connective tissue are usually the principal factor causing cellulite development. The tissues ensure fat cells adhere to the muscles around them. As connective tissue degenerate with aging, spaces allow fat to protrude and push through the skin.

Factors like the distribution of fat cells and the efficacy of connective tissue can speed up cellulite development. Some of the common causes of cellulite may include:

  • Hormonal imbalances: Scientific research shows an imbalance in hormone levels causes cellulite. Scientists are yet to establish the exact mechanism that triggers cellulite. But estrogen, thyroid, adrenaline, and prolactin hormones can influence its development.
  • Mental distress and lifestyle: Stress can influence hormone levels in the body. The changes may affect the performance of connective tissue and promote fat accumulation. Lifestyle habits can lead to excess weight, which encourages cellulite development.
  • Genetic factors: You may inherit genetics that influences skin texture and muscle tone characteristics. Hereditary factors can affect the connective tissue and increase your susceptibility to cellulite.
  • Gender and physiological profile: Women are more likely to develop cellulite after puberty. Statistics indicate it affects nine out of 10 females from their teen years. It is probably due to fluctuations in estrogen and other female reproductive hormones.

Is cellulite a health condition?

Medical professionals refer to cellulite as a medical condition because of the physiological factors that cause it. But it usually does not cause any health problems and is mostly cosmetic.

Nonetheless, you can manage the cosmetic issue with lifestyle adjustments. A proper diet with all the crucial nutrients could improve your skin’s appearance. Quitting smoking may reduce the damage to connective tissues.

Treatment options for cellulite

Science-backed treatment strategies can address the lumps and dimples on your skin more effectively. As with other procedures, your provider will perform a medical history evaluation and medication review.

Your cosmetic specialist will grade the cellulite before recommending treatment options. Grade one indicates mild lumps that appear when you sit or move your muscle. Grade three describes impressions on your skin that are always visible regardless of muscular movements.

QWO is an FDA-approved injectable for eliminating lumps on your skin. The minimally-invasive procedure introduces a solution to stimulate connective tissues. It irons out the dimples to reveal smoother, youthful skin.

QWO injectables do not require incisions or a laser to smooth out irregularities. It only takes ten minutes to complete through an outpatient process. QWO offers lasting results with virtually no downtime for recovery.

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