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Common Misconceptions That You Should Stop Believing About Microneedling

Smooth skin has always been in style for centuries. Individuals have been seeking different treatment options to improve their skin texture. The choice of treatment procedure mainly depends on the skin concerns you intend to alleviate. For example, microneedling is a good option if acne scars undermine your attractiveness. This treatment involves making tiny holes in your skin to stimulate collagen production. The high level of this protein will keep your skin plump, thus reducing blemishes. You could have heard many things about microneedling treatment. However, not every piece of information you get out there is genuine. That is why it is necessary to understand the truth behind the following myths concerning microneedling Forest Hills.

Microneedling Hurts

The mention of needles during this procedure can make you think that the procedure is painful. These notions have made some people reluctant to seek this fantastic treatment. However, the dermatologist will apply the numbing cream on the target skin area before puncturing your skin. The idea here is to make you feel relaxed and minimize any discomfort during treatment. Many patients report little to no sensation, contrary to how they used to view the treatment.

The Procedure Is Only Effective in the Facial Area

Some people claim that microneedling is limited to the skin area around the face. This misconception occurs because many people choose this treatment to alleviate wrinkles on the face. However, if you have skin concerns in other body areas like thighs, you can benefit from microneedling. The degree of puncturing on these body areas will depend on the thickness of the skin.

You Can Use a Microneedling at Home

Some skeptics claim that at-home microneedling is equally effective, just like professional microneedling. Nevertheless, this idea is far from reality. The microneedling device that the dermatologist uses can go up to six times deeper than at-home microneedling tools. This way, a professional microneedling procedure guarantees more dramatic results due to high collagen production. Additionally, microneedling at home can be painful due to the absence of numbing creams.

Microneedling Will Trigger Skin Scarring

You may think this procedure will leave unappealing holes in your skin, but you are mistaken. While microneedling creates controlled injuries on your skin, these holes are tiny enough for you to notice they are there. Besides, these microscopic openings seal within four hours after the procedure. Sometimes you may notice skin redness on treated skin, but these effects dissipate within a few days.

This Treatment Will Only Alleviate Aging Signs

Perhaps you have heard some people claiming that antiaging is the only benefit you get from microneedling. Many people turn to this procedure to improve crepey skin and fine lines associated with aging. However, microneedling has shown effectiveness in eliminating acne scars. By puncturing the skin, you will have increased elastin and collagens, which help to reduce the visibility of acne scars. Patients with age and sun spots can also benefit from this procedure.

Do you have fine lines and acne scars that undermine your skin texture? If yes, it is time to smooth your skin appearance through microneedling treatment. While anticipating your appointment, it is good to clear the controversies surrounding microneedling. For example, if you think the procedure is painful, you should change that mentality. Usually, a microneedling expert will apply the numbing agent before treatment to minimize the chances of discomfort. Also, it would help if you understood that microneedling is not limited to the facial area. You can benefit from this procedure if you have skin concerns in other body parts like thighs.

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