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Bathtubs:Comfort At Their Best!

Are you considering designing your bathroom? And since everyone wants their bathrooms to be a place where they can unwind and rest at the end of the day, selecting the bathtub most suited to your needs is an important stage in designing your bathroom. And because they take up such a significant portion of the available space in the bathroom, you must take the time to ensure that you choose the appropriate dimensions and form. And this article will assist you in making the best selection possible among the many freestanding, shower, and standard bathtubs available.

Who Exactly Is Going to Be Utilising It?

When looking to purchase a bath, it is essential to think about who will be using it and why you feel the need to have one. Will it be for a single person or a family to utilise as a source of luxury and leisure, or will it serve both purposes? A family bathroom’s durability and ease of maintenance may be a higher priority than aesthetic considerations when designing a bathroom for a smaller household or for an individual.

How Much Room Is Available?

When selecting a new bathtub, one of the essential considerations is the amount of space already accessible in your bathroom. While some contemporary ranges, like the Roca Virginia, take up the same amount of area as a straight bath, freestanding baths often demand more floor space than others.

Selecting the Appropriate Material

Most bathtubs are manufactured from one of these three primary materials: acrylic, Evo, or steel. Acrylic bathtubs are well-known for their durability, affordability, and ease of maintenance. They feature a high gloss surface to offer even more class and sophistication, and their lightweight construction makes installation a breeze. On the other hand, Evo tubs are superior to ordinary acrylic baths in terms of their strength, durability, and ability to keep the heat longer. This is because instead of just one layer, they are constructed with two layers of reinforced plastic. And lastly, steel baths make it possible to have a neat, curved surface that is also incredibly durable.

Designs for Your Tub or Shower

Contemporary and Freestanding

Add a freestanding bath with a marble impression finish to your bathroom to look like a luxury hotel. This will make your bathroom the focal point of your home.

Traditional Stand-Alone

Suppose you want your bathroom to have a more traditional design. In that case, you might consider installing an acrylic or cast iron roll top freestanding tub with traditional claw and ball feet to round off the aesthetic.


Straight baths may be found in circular and square configurations, with either a single or double end. When selecting a bath, consider where you would want the taps and the exhaust hole to be located; for example, these features may be in the middle of the bath or at the very end.

Shower Baths

Shower baths are a practical option that provides the best of both worlds and are an excellent choice when space is at a premium. Meanwhile, there is a bath screen that perfectly complements every shower bath.

Buying baths can often be a very confusing process with various options available in the market. But do not worry! Also, don’t purchase in haste; take your time to consider several options and check if the bath would go well with other furnishings. And now that you know so much get going on your search for the ideal bath today!

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