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7 Trending Cakes You Must Try In 2023

Dressed up for the occasion from top to toe and decided on all the other essentials for making the celebration memorable. But did you decide which cake to order to make the celebration more special? 

If not, then we have some of the best cake recommendations for you to try. Cakes make up a special addition to the celebration to make it more enjoyable and special. There is hardly any event that feels complete without cakes in it. 

Nowadays, with an increasing change in preference and taste, people have started opting for cakes that taste delicious and look appealing. Here are some cake recommendations that you must definitely go for this year and add to your celebration to make it more happening. 

7 Trending Cakes To Try In 2023

The trend has now even reached cakes. Gone are the days when simple cakes would add enough charm to any special event. Today, people look for extraordinary-looking cakes to make their events more memorable. Let us have a look at some of the most trending cakes that are sure going to make your day 

1] Multi-Tier Cake

Multi-tiered cakes are a popular type of cake that adds charm to any grand event, such as weddings or anniversaries. Usually topped off with wedding details like the bride and grooms’ standees or wedding hashtag. But now, multi-tiered cakes are making a presence at smaller events such as birthdays, retirement parties, anniversaries, etc. You can go for colorful cakes or mono and dual-toned cakes that look equally appealing. 

2] Rasgulla Cake

Just like Rasmalai cakes created a stir when they first came into existence, Rasgulla cakes are becoming the recent favorite among cake lovers. The fusion of Indian dessert and Western dessert makes up for a very delicious combination. The melt-in-the-mouth texture of the cake is a must to taste this year. It is definitely going to bring extra joy to your celebration. 

3] Theme Cake

Theme cakes are becoming very popular nowadays, as they are completely personalized according to the recipient’s preference, profession, and likes. If you are planning to gift a cake to your friend who is a musician, then you can go for a music theme cake. It can have musical instruments made of fondants or a person playing a musical instrument. The cake can have decorations on top with musical chords made on it. You can either prepare it at home or order for theme cake delivery in Pune

4] Dual Flavored Cake

You must have tasted single-flavored cakes all this while, but how about going for a dual-flavored cake this time? Why stop just at one flavor? Nowadays, dual-flavored cakes are in high demand, such as vanilla strawberry cake, choco vanilla cake, mango blackcurrant cake, choco buttercream cake, etc. Now, you do not have to order two different flavored cakes; you can order a single with two different flavors at the price of one!

5] Woven Cake

Woven cakes create the illusion of a 3D woven basket and are a must-try this year. The woven designs are usually done on the top of the cake or on its sides. You can either go with similar colors or different colors, depending on the theme of your party. One can also go for woven cupcakes if you have a small party to throw. They also go very well with random party celebrations. 

6] Jar Cakes

Who said you could order cakes only at special events? Enjoy jar cakes to satiate your midnight sweet hunger pangs. These are sweet little delights packed in mason jars. Black currant, mango, pineapple, strawberry, tiramisu, blueberry, and coffee, are some flavors of jar cakes that must not be missed. There is no cutting involved in jar cakes, and you can easily take out a scoop of it and enjoy the deliciousness. 

7] Waffle Cakes 

Waffle cakes are a very recent addition to the cake gang. Your favorite crunchy waffles are now made into cakes by layering the waffles one by one until they reach a considerable height. They are moreover tapped up with layers of chocolates and other flavors to give it a complete look of cake while keeping intact the crunchiness of waffles. 


Cakes deserve a special presence, in any event, to make them extraordinary and memorable. Whether you are planning to organize a grand party for special occasions or want to satiate your hunger pangs, then do try these sweet delicacies to experience an amazing taste.

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