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5 Third Trimester Health Concerns and What Should You Do?

The third Trimester Health Concerns is the most eventful stage of your journey to bring a new life into this world. You would experience an amalgam of feelings, one overpowering the other at different times. You might be anxious, excited, afraid, and desperate all at once to embrace motherhood. Your physical health undergoes ups and downs as your body undergoes drastic transformations during the third trimester. While this is not uncommon, you should address health concerns to ensure the safe and smooth arrival of your child. Here are some health problems that will most likely nag you in the Trimester Health Concerns and tips to cater to them.


The correct position of the baby is essential for a smooth delivery process. Malpresentation is the unusual position of the baby, making it impossible to have a normal delivery process. Any organ other than the head against the mother’s cervix means your child has wriggled from its normal position and needs an assisted delivery or cesarian. This malpresentation can cause complications during the birth and increases the risk of birth injuries, such as cerebral palsy. Though there are natural causes, medical malpractice also leads to cerebral palsy, where doctors use excessive force that may lead to brain damage in the newborn. If your child has been a victim of this negligence, you are entitled to receive financial compensation from the concerned party. You can consult a cerebral palsy lawyer to guide you through legal matters and help you claim your rights. Malpresentation can cause complications for you as well during birth. There can be many causes for it. As your baby grows, your posture while sitting, standing, and even sleeping becomes wrong, with you leaning forward. Excess buildup of amniotic fluid also contributes to malpresentation.

You can avoid it by maintaining the correct posture and sleeping positions. If your baby has already turned into a weird position, consult a doctor to rectify the problem through various techniques.

Increased Susceptibility to Infections:

The immune system works differently in expecting women where it is in constant flux. Your body downregulates certain aspects of the immune system so it may not attack the fetus. Although it is necessary to avoid treating the baby as a foreign invader, it can leave you more susceptible to infections such as influenza, malaria, and Covid-19. If not, infections are hit with an increased severity once you catch them. These infections in the third trimester can sometimes lead to premature birth. So take measures to prevent yourself from getting sick or manage symptoms if you have already caught an infection. Eat a balanced diet comprising green vegetables, plenty of fruits, and proteins, and avoid high sugar. Take prenatal vitamins after consulting with your doctor to take care of your overall nutrient demands and give a boost to your immune system. Along with that, good sleep and a hydrated body will be valuable in fighting against infections Trimester Health Concerns.


As a mother-to-be in the third trimester, you would not be a stranger to back pains. Your joy swells as your baby grows, but it may go hard on your back. While your body prepares for labor, the ligaments become softer and more flexible. It, in turn, puts stress on the joints of your lower back, resulting in back pain. A gain in weight, changes in your posture and hormones, and emotional stress for the impending delivery are some other factors that may contribute to backaches.

However, you do not have to come to terms with it! There are many things you can do to make the pain milder. Try to incorporate exercise into your daily routine to strengthen your muscles and ease some strain off your spine. Also, consider putting cold compresses, such as ice wrapped in a towel, in the areas that hurt most. You can switch to heating pads after a few days and follow the same procedure. You might be slouching or leaning while sitting or standing without even realizing it. Improve your posture, and you will notice your backaches already subsiding.


Dizziness is another common health concern in the third trimester, associated with an increased blood volume to satisfy the blood demand of your baby. Sometimes, the hemoglobin does not catch up with the blood volume, and its deficiency leads to anemia. This low capacity of your blood to carry oxygen can be one of the reasons for dizziness. You can have iron supplements at your doctor’s advice to increase the production of hemoglobin. Also, try not to stand for extended periods. If your job or lifestyle demands it, take frequent breaks and walk around to regulate the circulation of blood in your legs back to the heart.


Does your face feel puffy, or do you have a problem fitting in your old clothes and shoes? A gain of weight is not always the culprit! While weight put on is common for expecting mothers, unnecessary body swelling further enlarges your size and makes you look chubby. So don’t panic at your increased size as this condition is temporary, and you can control it with some effort.

Swelling, also called edema, is a common condition in pregnancy, especially when it nears its end. Since your body produces more blood and body fluids to meet your and the baby’s needs, some of it accumulates in your body tissues and joints. It is because your enlarging uterus hinders the blood flow, and some fluid seeps from the vessels and pools in the surrounding tissues, leading to physiologic edema. To cope with your swelling body, reduce salt and caffeine intake, and increase water intake to flush excess fluids. You might have noticed that sitting or standing for an extended period causes your feet to swell. When sitting, lift your feet to drain the accumulated fluid. You can also increase potassium intake, use compression socks, and get some massage to make edema milder.


Little inconveniences and discomforts are inevitable when fostering a new life, especially when it is ready to be born. However, there is a fine line between common complications and ones indicating a hazard. So keep a check on when to deal with things on your own and when to consult your doctor. Any unaddressed health concerns may affect your and your child’s health. With a careful approach, you will be all set to cherish your happy moments Trimester Health Concerns.

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