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5 Steps You Should Take to Win an NEC Baby Formula Lawsuit

It should be a time of unbridled delight and excitement when a family welcomes a new NEC Baby into the world. The happy occasion of a prematurely born baby, however, may also be accompanied by tension, dread, and worries about the infant’s health. In addition to the numerous medical issues that accompany premature birth, babies may have difficulty nursing or require additional nutrition. New parents may choose to supplement their premature baby’s nourishment with baby formula during this extremely critical time, frequently at the doctors’ advice. It should be a safe practice and not endanger such vulnerable and defenseless infants. The world’s two largest producers of infant formula, Enfamil and Similac, produce milk for premature NEC Baby. However, infant formula lawsuits assert that these organizations’ products put premature infants at an elevated risk for a condition known as necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), which can be fatal. If you think your child may have developed necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) after consuming infant milk, get in touch with NEC baby formula lawsuit lawyers at Dolman Law Group.

Following are five important steps you must take if you think the baby formula is making your infant ill;

Get an NEC Diagnosis

An abdominal X-ray can be used to look for aberrant gas patterns to confirm the diagnosis if your infant displays NEC symptoms. A high white blood cell count, a low platelet count (thrombocytopenia), a fecal occult blood test, or lactic acidosis are further methods for confirming a diagnosis. 

Keep a Record of Medication 

By treating necrotizing enterocolitis, feedings are typically stopped, and a tiny tube is inserted into the stomach to drain the intestine of gas. Additionally, it’s customary to begin antibiotic therapy and IV nutrition. Tests are necessary to continuously monitor the infant’s health. To file a successful lawsuit against the company, you must keep a record of the medication and the related medical costs. 

NEC Prognosis in Premature Babies

With an infant mortality rate of close to 40%, necrotizing enterocolitis is a dangerous condition. Early and intensive treatment aids in improving the result. Therefore, don’t take a chance and go to a relevant pediatrician as soon as the infant shows early signs of NEC. 

Date for Filing the Claims

The “statute of limitations” is the name given to each state’s unique deadline for launching a lawsuit in the United States. States may also enact a distinct but related law called the “statute of repose.” These regulations place a deadline on how long you have to make a claim or lawsuit to be eligible for financial compensation for losses and damages. The defendant (in this case, the producer of infant formula) may permanently block you from receiving compensation for your losses and harm to your kid if you fail to bring a claim before the statute of limitations or statute of repose period has passed. 

Hire An Attorney

To protect your legal right to compensation, get in touch with the infant formula attorneys as soon as possible if you think your child was harmed, such as by necrotizing enterocolitis, as a result of being given formula. A product that is meant to be beneficial shouldn’t cause unnecessary and preventable harm. You should seek the assistance of legal professionals who are aware of what it takes to hold even the biggest corporations accountable for the harm they do to customers.

Baby formulas are meant to nourish the infant and not disrupt their quality of life. Unfortunately, issues from using baby formula are mostly fatal, which is why parents need to be extra cautious about the inorganic products they give to their infants.  

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