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Top 5 Tips on Preventing Ankle Sprains

Your ankles comprise a complex network of bones, ligaments, and tendons that enable you to quickly and easily adopt various postures. Because of this, they may also be susceptible to attack. When out and about on foot, you can sustain an Alamo Heights high ankle sprains if you fall or land awkwardly.
Below are five ways to protect your ankles from injury and strengthen your ankle joints and heel pain treatment in Singapore.

1. Boost your core strength

How well your hips and torso work together determines how well you can move. Consider softly altering direction as you are sprinting. As a result of weak hip control, your body may likely keep moving if you don’t work on building core strength. The outcome might be a rolled ankle and a fall if your body weight exceeds what your foot and ankle can handle. Hence, when you work out, focus on strengthening your hips, abs/back.

2. Choose the proper footwear

Having the proper footwear on is the first step. If you are an athlete, wearing shoes built for your specific activity is important. As a bonus, they should be able to cure common foot problems, including flat feet and high arches. Conversely, high heels are a prominent cause of ankle sprains in women and should be avoided at all costs.

3. Enhance your balance and control

Strength training, such as calf and shin raises, may help you gain better muscular control and balance, decreasing your vulnerability to sprains. Calf raises are performed by standing with feet hip-width apart, shifting weight to the toes while keeping the heels on the floor.

Stand on your heels and gradually elevate your toes off the ground to do shin raises. Keep your ankles from rolling outward while you complete these exercises; doing so raises the risk of injury and lessens the benefits of building muscle.

4. Increase flexibility

Maintaining a healthy balance between muscular strength and suppleness is crucial. You can alleviate lower leg soreness and mobility improved with only 30-60 seconds of stretching after a modest warm-up. A hypermobile joint or ligament indicates an ankle sprain; thus, stretching the affected area gently and without pain is important.

5. Don’t disregard your body

Slowing down is something no one likes to do, particularly if it involves giving up something pleasurable. Yet, if you are weary, attempting to “power through the discomfort” or continue your exercise is a definite way to injure yourself. Instead, please pay attention to your body and rest when it tells you to. Resting while you are tired might shorten your time spent recuperating from an injury like an ankle sprain that would otherwise need more time.

If you get an ankle sprain, an expert can assess its severity and instability and provide individualized treatment suggestions to help you return to your active lifestyle as soon as possible. If you worry about your ankle health or need assistance getting back on your feet after a sprain, the Sports Medicine Associates of San Antonio got you covered. Book an appointment today to learn more.

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