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How to Hide the Emperor Child: Drama Romance Slice of Life

There are many admirers of the romance-drama manga How To Hide The Emperor Child.

How To Hide The Emperor Child: A Summary

You never really loved me, right? Astelle’s eagerly anticipated wedding done in just one day. When she was ten years old. She made a lot of effort to get married to Kaizen, but all that left was her. For her was the title of empress. She left behind by the aristocracy, and Kaizen, the love of her life, urged her to leave. Yes. You are correct. I didn’t care about you. The final falsehood spoken by Astelle. She lived because of the man. But she also did it for the benefit of the man who was her temporary spouse. She had anticipated never speaking to him again, but—I…think I may be expecting.

How To Hide The Emperor Child

She left behind by the aristocracy, and Kaizen, the love of her life, urged her to leave. Astelle lied once more after reuniting with Kaizen six years later. You—what do you call that kid?”He is my nephew, to safeguard the youngster.

How To Hide The Emperor Child: Story

A synopsis of the entire story

The main character (MC) spends the first several chapters of the story attempting to keep the emperor from learning. That Theor has become their kid while they are expecting. To turn his eyes blue. She applies eye drops twice a day (black hair and eyes are red only known to the royal families). She eventually urged her grandpa. Theor return home and she proceeds to the capital to fulfill the dowager empress’s requests. She also had her grandfather fabricate an illness to. Expedite his departure (which did not happen to owe to unfavorable weather).

As she continues to correct her on the trip to the capital. ML falls in love with her and connects with Theor (he offered her dresses, and. Then she returned the dresses). When she has solved the problem, FL envisions herself leaving on an impromptu journey, returning with her father. Theor in the direction of the east, and never coming back. Theor and Grandpa allowed to live at the adjoining mansion since. ML insists on taking them because he does not want them to have the ability to leave. Once Theor experiences an allergic response to one specific fruit, rumors about it. Theor being her son who is not legitimate begin to spread in the capital city.

How To Hide The Emperor Child
How To Hide The Emperor’s Child

Emperor starts to worry because he recalls that Astelle had been unwell after eating the fruit as a youngster and that she had a recognized allergy. The Marquis’s wife, who despises Astelle and whose daughter has named the most powerful candidate for the throne, insists that MC be having an illegitimate child in front of the assembled nobles at a later gathering. MC does not dispute the information, and Emperor tells her that he was aware of it beforehand. When MC is at home and pouts at ML because she wants to go, ML summons the imperial soldiers and requests that they place her under house arrest in order to prevent future escapes.

Theor and his grandpa are to go in the pitch-blackness first, with the intention of escaping afterward, she commands. The problem is that when the rescuers find Theor after he is kidnapped by MC’s father, he hasn’t been given eye drops, thus his eyes are red and everyone knows that Theor is the Emperor’s son. Upon considering her options, MC concludes that Theor would be the safest person in the palace. Eventually, she consents to marry ML. She irritated with him, though, and Theor delighted that she accepted, but he is also upset with her for being silent before.

How To Hide The Emperor Child

As they are at the palace, ML tries to persuade MC once more, but MC is cynical but not as cynical as before. There are some flashbacks from when they were crown princes and princesses in their youth. When she refused to dance, Trash ML used to go on hunts to escape her, arriving late and departing right away. She waited for him the entire evening and even set up someone to take his tea after he went hunting because she regarded as the crown princess and couldn’t dance with anyone else. He went hunting as well, nearly freezing to death in a lake. He checked on her and saw that she had fractured bones and a high temperature. She tried to get him out of the water before getting sick and sinking into it.

She is in love with him the entire time up to the morning after the wedding, when he decides to end their relationship (why should one sleep next to her if you didn’t like her and intended to end your marriage the next day?) Eventually, she gives up on him. In the end, ML decides to accept her apologies and fall in love with Theor after becoming close to him after poisoned (which took some time).

Because she didn’t know and finally came to the conclusion that his groveling would not make MC forgive him, ML feels guilty in the second part of the movie after learning from her grandfather that MC was in love with him throughout their entire childhood. While Theor is young and attractive, there are also jealous moments with his teacher. When talking about a political matter with her father, the chemist returns to the plan to save ML who has poisoned (the Pharmacist later married the brother of MC).

When MC and ML are together and experience brief happiness. As they visit their old residence in the east, ML had another anxiety attack upon seeing how worn-out it once was. After the vacation, they promise to visit more frequently, and they renew their commitment to one another. MC becomes pregnant with her daughter and struggles with the pregnancy, although I’m not sure if it was part of a tale or not (dizzy spells, unable to take food, etc.). As MC’s mother passed very soon after giving birth to MC and ML, everyone worried as MC, Theor, Grandfather, the pharmacist, MC’s brother, and the rest of their employees depart on a holiday. Grandfather tells ML and his brother, in front of Theor, about their first pregnancy and how challenging they were.

How To Hide The Emperor Child

The lack of early support for the MC caused both brothers to feel greater sorrow. During a trip, MC gets well and eventually gives birth to a daughter named Estelle. When the narrative comes to a close, the emperor—now a father—becomes too possessive and irate with her cousin (MC’s brother and chemist’s son).ML and MC quarrel over it, and it turns out that MC accidentally kept the five-year contract (forgot to throw it away).

They reach a compromise and create an origami flower in her hand to express their regrets. She also makes him a dish as an act of contrition, and they decide to continue exchanging gifts. A circumstance? Sometimes looking up, Kaizen questioned the facts he had just heard. I can provide for your every need. You not required to impose any restrictions on it. Do you have anything I might want?

It seemed incredible that I could speak anything of that nature in such a situation. Estelle had only one desire in mind. To leave The Capital and travel with Theor back to The East. The one thing Kaizen always desired, nevertheless, not fulfilled. Let’s wed in accordance with a contract. I’ll clearly lay out the terms and circumstances of your agreement if you prepared to sign this contract with me. Astelle’s voice composed and audible.

As Astelle continued, Kaizen clenched his fist. Before he questioned, Alright, he fixed his attention on her cold look for a long. What is the situation like? Before that, I have something to say to you, Estelle remarked as she inhaled deeply and looked directly into his eyes. Theor is the topic. Don’t worry too much, I’ll deliver Theo securely, I assure you. Before hearing the explanation, according to Kaizen, he was furious. He was aware of Astelle’s level of affection for Theor. Kaizen plans to raise Theor as his own, despite the fact that he is no longer his kid.

The emperor’s authority did not previously extend to places that were not near the capital because the realm was too large and the emperor’s power was weak. With the exception of the center area, which is where the capital is located, ancient monarchs split the kingdom into the south, north, east, and west in order to successfully manage an empire. The nobleman with the largest land in each area also granted the power to govern that area. The families that were the Lords of the North, South, and East each followed the road of destruction as the times changed and the Emperor’s authority increased.

Yet the title actually belonged to the Reston family. While the Duke of Reston was no longer serving as prime minister, he still had the title of Lord of the West. I haven’t wanted it in a very long time. Please give Fritz three years to do his job. No, two years. Kaizen noted the justification for Astelle’s request that he delegates the task to Fritz.

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