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Convert youtube to mp3: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you listen to music on YouTube? There is YouTube Music, but it is not free. Certain websites and programs will remove the music tracks from YouTube videos and convert them into MP3 files so you can download them to your computer and listen to them offline. This is useful if you want to keep your YouTube videos as audio files. We have a tutorial if you only want to download YouTube videos, but in this article, we’ll concentrate on the process of downloading them as audio files. Using this, you won’t have to bother attempting to listen to music while skipping those obnoxious adverts. You should convert youtube to mp3 because this process is very easy.

Convert YouTube to MP3 Beware of Malicious and Buggy Websites

Additionally, be cautious while using internet video-converting services. Many of them might have bugs or even try to transmit malware on your computer. A website might start off safe and reliable before later turning malicious. Make sure you are running reputable and up-to-date antivirus software before attempting to use any website to convert a YouTube video. Let’s look at a few websites and programs that can convert YouTube videos into audio files while keeping those disclaimers in mind.

Convert YouTube to MP3
Convert YouTube to MP3


You put the YouTube video URL into the search area on the Dirpy(Opens in a new window) website before pressing the Dirpy button. You may see information about the file’s name, duration, and ID3 tag information by doing this. Set the mp3 format and the maximum quality (320 kbps) options in the Record Audio panel on the right. You are requested to save the MP3 file to your computer after clicking Record Audio.

Convert YouTube to MP3 by Motionbox

You may Convert YouTube to mp3 into various file formats with Motionbox. (Opens in a new window). Make sure the conversion option is set to MP3 for our needs here. Insert the YouTube video’s URL in the corresponding field. A little audio player displays after conversion. By selecting the Play button, you can hear the audio. Select Download from the three-dot menu after clicking the icon to download the file to your PC. The only issue is that although Chrome and Microsoft Edge both have a functioning player and download feature, Firefox does not.

Convert YouTube to MP3


AceThinker, a distributor of several software tools, also provides a YouTube converter website(Opens in a new window). From the right-hand menu, choose Download after entering the YouTube URL. Click the Download button that appears when the song’s name is displayed. Your audio conversion choices are by default limited to 128K. Use the Download button next to that option to save the MP3 file to your PC.

Installing AceThinker’s Music Keeper program will provide you with higher-quality audio formats and quicker downloads. On the conversion page, select “Free Download” to obtain it. YouTube videos may then be converted right from the app.  Following a free trial, a lifetime license is $39.95, a one-year license is $25.95, and a one-month license is $9.95.

YouTube to MP3 in 4K

On your Windows or Mac computer, install the conversion tool 4K YouTube to MP3(Opens in a new window). You are only allowed 15 conversions per day in the free version. The supplier also provides a variety of premium versions(Opens in a new window), which aim to make the conversion procedure as quick and easy as possible in order to boost that number and provide further advantages. Simply put the video’s URL into the software’s home screen to start the conversion. The finished product is instantly downloaded to your Music folder in a 4K YouTube to MP3 subdirectory. The audio may then be played straight from the software or from another PC program.

Convert YouTube to MP3
Convert YouTube to MP3

YouTube Music

YouTube Music enables you to listen to your favorite music if all you want to do is watch songs on the site and don’t require an MP3 download. The ability to download songs for usage outside of the app is not available, but a YouTube Premium(Opens in a new window) paid membership will enable offline listening, remove adverts, let you download songs for offline listening, and let you play music in the background while using your smartphone. You may browse and search for music on YouTube from various artists, albums, and genres using the YouTube Music apps for iOS(Opens in a new window) and Android(Opens in a new window). When you choose your favorite bands, the app creates a playlist of suggested channels and serves you viral videos through a video hotlist. To make it simple to go back to the music and channels you previously accessed, the app maintains notes of them. Additionally, you may compile your own collection of preferred tunes.

YouTube Music Premium costs $9.99 per month on Android or $12.99 per month on iOS after a one-month free trial. You may avoid the additional cost by signing up on the web for $9.99 and accessing your premium account on your iPhone or iPad, saving $3 on iOS, which is used to offset the 30% fee Apple charges developers for in-app purchases. In addition, YouTube provides student and family subscriptions at monthly rates of $4.99 and $14.99, respectively.

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Convert youtube to mp3 by MediaHuman

You may download and use a free conversion program from MediaHuman on your PC called YouTube to MP3 Converter(Opens in a new window). The program offers a variety of complex settings whilst being straightforward to use. Simply copy and paste the YouTube URL into the program or drag it there, then click the Start Download button to begin going. Even more, videos can be converted and downloaded simultaneously. Right-click the file in the program once it has been added to your computer and choose to Locate Saved File. The audio is available for playback in File Explorer or Finder when it occurs. Click the General tab to explore features beyond the basic ones.

Warning: It’s against YouTube’s terms of service to download and convert videos without the owner’s consent. It is advisable to find out if the owner of the copyright for a movie, song, or podcast permits downloads from YouTube. If you are utilizing these movies for commercial purposes, it also makes sense to mention the original or source.


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