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What Is the Optimal Facebook Page Banner Size?

So you have a Facebook page. How does it stack up to your competitors?

To see your page’s performance, navigate to the insights tab. You’ll see your seven-day post impressions, likes, reactions, and comments from there. The insights tab is an excellent asset for monitoring your performance to see how you’re changing and what type of content is most effective.

You must also pay attention to the correct Facebook page banner size. Your banner is the content that sits above your post to entice a user to click on your post. It will encourage people to visit your page and have excellent insight.

But how do you choose the best images for your Facebook page? Read on for you to learn!

Standard Dimensions for Your Facebook Page Banner Size

The optimal size for a Facebook page banner is 820×312 for desktop and 640×360 for mobile. This size ensures that any design elements are displayed while remaining crisp on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Your banner should focus on your company or organization’s branding to create an eye-catching and memorable appearance.

Including essential contact details such as website addresses and social media handles are necessary. Your banner design must maintain the size when submitting it for upload.

A high-quality, professional-looking video and image banner will help visitors recognize your business or organization. It can also help them know what you stand for and why they should become customers, followers, or fans.

Simple Tips and Considerations 

When creating one, adhere to the recommended banner size and keep the resolution at 72 dpi. For images, use a .jpg or .png file. Any imagery should also be relevant to your brand, as it will be visitors’ first impression of your page. 

Also, it’s essential to select an image of at least 400Kb. It may be helpful to add text to the image, as it may be more readable than the rest of the photos. You also have more options like adjustable font types, colors, and layouts. 

You can also consider hiring or using a banner maker. It offers templates that fit the dimensions of your Facebook page. It also provides a library of stock photos to let you upload your pictures and graphics. It supports different image formats, like GIF and BMP.

Consider adding a Call To Action (CTA) directly into the image. It can add content encouraging people to like, comment, or share.

It’s also essential not to overlay the “Like” and “Share” buttons. It could make it harder to engage with the post. Last, keep the text in the image in high contrast to the background. 

Maximize the Visual Impact  

The optimal Facebook page banner size is 820×312 for desktop and 640×360 for mobile. Be sure to keep the focus of your image on the main message and use design elements that are aesthetically pleasing and logically relevant to your business. Focus on great visuals and copy that will keep your followers coming back for more.

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