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Christmas Gift List – Top Six Christmas Apps for 2021

Christmas is surely one of those wonderful occasions that provide us with ample opportunity to add more magic and love into our everyday life. It is truly magical to enjoy all the shopping, presents, and decorations, all at once, and that too in the December holidays month of the year. Besides this, Christmas celebrations also allow us to step into the new year with lots of warm memories and cheers.

It would not be wrong to say that most of us love Christmastime because of all the fun things we get to do with our family and friends. It is simply wonderful to spend time with them and enjoy all the Christmas traditions, cooking, shopping, and partying together.

However, this year, if you feel like taking a little break or integrating your smartphone into your Christmas festivities, then here are some of the best apps for you on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Let’s take a look! 

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  1. The Christmas List

Available on: iOS

Sometimes, Christmas shopping can feel overwhelming and turn real quick into a nightmare, especially if you have to keep a track of all the decorations, presents, and supplies for the parties all by yourself. Even after preparing multiple shopping lists, you might feel lost about what you have already purchased, and what’s left. 

And that’s where The Christmas List comes to the rescue. It not only keeps a record of all your shopping lists in one place but also helps you to assess your shopping budget and track your progress. The app also offers you an exclusive ‘share’ option to send your shopping lists to friends and family. How cool is that?

However, as the application needs to be downloaded from the Google Play Store, you have to ensure having a high-speed internet connection that supports speedy downloading.

For your convenience, you can always rely on high-coverage and secure internet connections like CenturyLink internet which facilitates its users with fast downloading, browsing, and surfing round-the-clock. Besides this, CenturyLink also offers incredibly affordable internet packages to all its users, starting from $50 per month only! Isn’t that wonderful?

2. Giftster

Available on: iOS and Android

Giftster is a popular, ‘gift registry app’ that helps you to connect with your friends and family members. The app offers you a variety of features like creating, and sharing your gift ideas with your entire group or even a single person, setting up a ‘Secret Santa’, and marking your gifts as ‘reserved’ so that other people do not buy the same presents, etc.

Giftster can also serve as your ultimate wish list. You can simply create a list of items that you want to receive as presents and send it to your loved ones to make their shopping easy.

3. Christmas Radio

Available on: iOS and Android

Christmas Radio provides you with more than 80 exclusive radio stations during your celebrations that play nothing but Christmas songs only. Now you can easily tune into any station you like and add more fun to your special moments with your loved ones. The best part about this app is that it offers a wide range of songs so that you can choose whatever you want to listen to as per your liking, mood, and preferences.

4. ElfYourself

Available on: iOS and Android

What is Christmas without having some next-level fun? ElfYourself app allows you to add lots of fun and laughter to your Christmas celebs and parties. Now you can randomly select up to five photos of your friends and family members with a nice theme and watch this app produce an incredibly hilarious elf dancing video! How cool is that?

Besides this, you can also share the elf video on different social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, etc., and make your friends laugh too!

5. Christmas Countdown

  • Available on: iOS

If you are eagerly counting days for Christmas, then the Christmas Countdown app is surely the best pick for you in the Google Play Store. The app keeps you updated with how many hours, days, or even heartbeats are left until Christmas. It also features a variety of beautiful characters to keep you company.

Although the basic version is for free, the premium version works even better as it allows you to remove all the advertisements and add more Christmas jingles and rhymes, so that you get to enjoy some sweet melodies while waiting for the big day.

6. Message from Santa!

  • Android

If you have kids in your family, then Message from Santa can turn out to be your Christmas secret weapon that allows you to make a personalized video message or a lovely phone call from the big man himself!

What’s even more interesting is that it allows your children to set up their profiles with their name, photo, and favorite to-do list for Christmas. The profile setup allows them to call Santa themselves, leave him texts or voicemail. Now you can easily surprise your little ones on Christmas with Santa’s personalized messages and beautiful wishes.

The Bottom-line

These are some of the best apps that we are absolutely going to try during our Christmas celebs in 2021. However, the App Store and Google Play Store are loaded with tons of other wonderful apps like Queenslandmax too that you might want to get your hands on. For example, you can download various party décor, jingle and music, and funny apps from the store as per your liking.

Finally, do not forget to do your research before downloading the apps. The internet is full of Christmas apps’ reviews and ratings that might help. But before you begin your research, always ensure that you are connected to a stable internet so that you do not experience any network instability or coverage issues while browsing.

For instance, you can always opt for Spectrum internet. They will provide you with a robust, reliable, and high-speed internet connection that supports unlimited browsing, downloading, and surfing 24/7. For more information, call Spectrum’s phone number now and connect with their customer services agent.


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